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dallas website designYour Website is your Greatest Marketing Tool…

Sometimes people ask us why an online marketing company does web design and development. We wonder why more marketing companies don’t do the same. After all, your website is your greatest marketing tool online.

We specialize in building websites and blogs that:

  • Establish your credibility and speak to your target market
  • Are easy to manage and update on your own, without technical skills
  • Reflect your brand and vision
  • Turn visitors into prospects
  • Add to your bottom line
  • We can create a new website from scratch or upgrade your current one.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the the creative design of my new website  You delivered on all of my requirements and provide a considerable amount of personal attention to me and my needs in the process.  I was so impressed and pleased with the results and I am growing my business.  In just the first quarter since my went live, I have achieved 70% of my revenues for all of last year.  The future looks very promising!

To top that off, I would like to share a brief story with you.  My daughter, who is a Junior at a Michigan university, walked into her Management class on Monday night to see a huge picture of me and my website on the overhead.  Her professor found my website and wanted to use it by way of example to show what an excellent website looks like with integrated social networking. She was thoroughly impressed with the site and encouraged the class to emulate this and other examples in the future. They also discussed my use of Twitter and LinkedIn. Imagine my daughter’s surprise!

Stephanie and Shama, thank you for the care you have shown and the high-quality services you provided.  I am recommending you to many others who need assistance with the design and development of their websites.  In fact, I will be contacting you this week with additional requests.” – Kevin McQueen, Focus Forward

“If your worried about having a website rebuilt, or putting together a site right the first time,  worry no more!  The Marketing Zen Group is the way to go.  Most of the money and time spent on the competition is, in my opinion, is a waste. I’ve done that, so I know.

The entire team were remarkable communicators, both among themselves, and with me. We were all literally on the same page throughout the entire process.  As a result, I got exactly what I wanted, and if I didn’t know what I wanted in any particular area, they helped me figure it out. And the feedback from my clients and prospects has been fantastic.

Every question I had, no matter how complex the issue, was responded to very quickly, and where clarification
was needed by them or by me, it was provided in a timely fashion.  And I could go on and on about
their creativity–suffice it to say, it is second to none.

Bottom line is, what they said they would deliver, they delivered, and they did it professionally, and on time!
My search for website developer is over.  Period.” – Jim Hutt, Ph.D., Menlo Park, CA

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