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Go ahead…Geek out!

At The Marketing Zen Group, we freely admit to being geeks and nerds. We can’t imagine a world without libraries, wikis, and passionate discussions around Google’s latest search algorithm change. We research, discuss, test, practice and dream about the intricate details of every form of Internet marketing.

We do it because we’re passionate about Internet marketing in all its forms – and we never know when a new innovation, tool or bit of online marketing information will come alone to help us deliver better results for our clients. Staying on top of the news, and understanding how and when to put it into practice is part of the DNA that helps to set us apart from traditional advertising and PR firms.

Of course, the kind of detail we thrive on isn’t likely to be #1 on your priority list if you’re a business owner or executive. So we created this information center especially for you and filled it with data, tips, techniques, research data and how-to guides that give you the online marketing information you need to stay competitive.

The information you find here is written in plain English, and designed to be immediately useful and helpful. We update it regularly with new Internet marketing information, so check back often to see what’s new.

Our online marketing information library is available free to anyone looking for Internet marketing information and best practices. New white papers, webinars, presentations, and PDF’s are added to the resource library regularly, each written to offer practical tips that distill our long hours of research and testing into useful information.

Additional Internet marketing best practices are featured on our blog, which publishes new content weekly.

So, grab a cup of coffee, and kick back. Start browsing, and feel free to share (in fact – sharing our online marketing information is the biggest compliment you could give us), and let’s chat digital marketing when you’re ready.