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When Tragedy Strikes, Tweet Responsibly

April 16, 2013 - Posted by Shama Kabani

Many of us remember the morning of September 11, 2001 vividly.  Depending on where you live,  you may have been driving in to the office and hearing  cryptic reports coming out of New York City about some kind of plane crash. But it didn’t take long for it to become clear that something really bad was happening as we all scrambled to get as much information as we could. News sites were overrun; many of them were simply crashing altogether. At times, several minutes went by with no new or updated information. So we waited. Fast forward to yesterday. Breaking news alerts start popping up: Explosions heard near the Boston Marathon finish line. But initially, there’s not much more information available. And much like during 9/11 several news sites weren’t loading including Next stop: Twitter — arguably the best source for breaking news. The dissemination of news through the… read more

Are You Marketing Like It’s 1999? Time to Update, Then!

April 1, 2013 - Posted by Shama Kabani

Prince’s performance at SXSW last month got us wondering why some companies are still partying – that is, marketing – like it’s 1999. The digital world has undergone dramatic changes in the past 15 years, and some of the marketing tactics that were commonplace back then can do a world of damage today.  For example, before the CAN SPAM act in 2003, it was common go buy or rent contact lists to send unsolicited emails as part of a digital marketing campaign.  Doing that today is unthinkable – for good reason. Are there any other outdated marketing tactics in your current marketing plan?  Here are some tactics straight out of the 1990’s that we’ve seen lately from companies marketing to us. 1. Telemarketing programs that seem to call people randomly – at dinner time or on a cell phone – and ask them to buy products they’ve never heard of. … read more

Lessons in Leadership from Columbia University’s Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

February 27, 2013 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Wadhwa, Hitendra. “Lessons in Leadership: How Lincoln Became America’s Greatest President.” Post written by Paula Gean. What’s the coolest part about working at the Marketing Zen Group? Aside from staying on the cutting edge of web marketing, we get to use that knowledge to work with some of the coolest clients out there. One such client is The Institute for Personal Leadership. In their most recent webinar, The Power of Paradox, Dr. Wadhwa briefly explains how extraordinary leaders unlock their full potential. Both in the digital world and the real world, leadership is essential to society. So, what does good leadership encompass? Who is better in leadership roles: Introverts or extroverts? Extroverts relish social settings, enjoy conversing with strangers, and don’t shirk attention.  Yet, these same desirable traits can also be detrimental.  If someone is always speaking, they’re not listening.  If a person is seeking to be social, they’re… read more

What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for You and Your Facebook Page

January 15, 2013 - Posted by Shama Kabani

(1/14/13 – 10:30 am PST) Breaking News: Facebook just announced a new feature they are rolling out called Graph Search (currently in beta.) What is Graph Search? A way to search within your network. Facebook is calling it the 3rd pillar. The 1st being the news feed (what are your friends doing) and the 2nd being your timeline (what have you been doing.) Adding search means you can now search within your network for what’s relevant to you. Examples: who else lives in Dallas? what restaurants have my friends tried in LA? who likes Game of Thrones? Show photos before 1980. Why does Graph Search matter? It makes it easier for you to learn and engage more within your network. For example, lets say you have an extra ticket to an upcoming concert for Dido but you don’t know which of your friends would be interested. You can now do… read more

The Zen of Social Media Marketing – 3rd Edition – Be Part of the Zen Book Team

December 18, 2012 - Posted by Shama

As an author, nothing means more to me than the feedback of readers. And, I’d like to enlist your help in getting the word out about the latest edition. An inside joke at our company is “What changed while we were sleeping?” And it is made funnier by the fact that often things do change overnight in the world of new media and technology. When I first released my book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, it was in an effort to answer the hundreds of emails I was receiving on social media. There were simply not enough hours in the day to respond to each one individually. As testament to that fact, the 3rd edition of the book has just been released. Here is what the 3rd edition of The Zen of Social Media Marketing includes: A comprehensive overview of why social media works and how to use it… read more

Celebrating “The Power of We” on Blog Action Day 2012

October 15, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

At The Marketing Zen Group, we’re passionate about everything we do. But our passion isn’t just limited to helping our clients – it’s also about helping make our world and community a better place to live. That’s why when we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in Blog Action Day 2012. Blog Action Day was founded in 2007 with the goal of uniting bloggers from around the world to dedicate the same designated day to discussing and spreading awareness of a single important topic. Each year’s topic has tackled an issue that impacts all of us in significant ways; past topics have included climate change, poverty, hunger, and clean water. This year’s topic is one that speaks to all of us, in every sense: “The Power of We”. What is The Power of We? Blog Action Day explains: “The Power of We is a celebration of people working together… read more

New Study Shows Why More Workers Are Declaring Their Independence

September 21, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Many dream of taking control of their careers: setting their own hours, choosing their own projects, and calling all the shots. But, according to a new report, an increasing number of people are making their dreams of independence a reality. The 2012 State of Independence in America report was recently released by MBO Partners, a client of The Marketing Zen Group, as a follow up to their inaugural 2011 report. This hot new study takes a look at the demographics, attitudes and trends of independent workers in the United States. Below are some of the report’s significant highlights. The number of independent workers is growing. This year, there are nearly 17 million independent workers in America, up from 16 million just one year ago. Why is there such a gain in popularity? For some – particularly younger, “Generation Y” workers – the shifting economy the country has faced over the… read more

How to Change Your Twitter Header Image

September 18, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

This morning, Twitter rolled out a slew of new updates and features. These changes include new options for customizing the appearance and layout of user profiles, as well as mobile app updates that support these profile changes while adding speed, functionality, and a more user-friendly design.   The profile changes are designed to look great on both the website and on mobile apps, emphasizing shared visual content by prominently displaying the last six images uploaded by a user. However, the biggest change announced earlier today is undoubtedly the ability for users to add a header image to their profile, much like the ones that currently exist for Facebook and Google+. These aesthetic changes may seem minor at first, but for brands – or individuals – seeking to establish a defined, unique identity on social media, the ability to add more eye-catching and identifying visual elements to their profiles can help… read more

The Marketing Zen Group Named to the 2012 Empact100 List

September 11, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Here at The Marketing Zen Group, we are passionate about what we do. We have a dedicated, hard working team committed to putting our wide range of skills and experience to work for our clients to deliver creative and effective results. Our satisfaction comes from what we are able to accomplish for our clients – and every day we feel immensely honored to have the opportunity to work with all of the talented people who make up The Marketing Zen team. That’s why we are so proud to announce that The Marketing Zen Group and Founder/CEO Shama Kabani have been included on the 2012 Empact100 list. Empact, an organization dedicated to supporting and recognizing young entrepreneurs, presents the Empact100 list, now in its second year. The Empact100 annually recognizes the United States’ “Top 100 Companies Founded by Young Entrepreneurs”. The honor was designed to recognize the hard work, entrepreneurial spirit,… read more

SXSW Panel Picker: Help Marketing Zen Speak At South By Southwest 2013

August 16, 2012 - Posted by Rilee Chastain

SXSW is one of the most innovative, creative tech events of the year. Every single year, there are hundreds upon hundreds of technology and media conferences that are hosted all across the world. These events not only give those in the industry a chance to make important connections with other people in their field, but they also provide a great opportunity to learn about what changes are coming up in the world of social-media services and mobile technology. However, out of each of these conferences all around the world, there is perhaps no event that is more well-known or more significant that the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival that takes place during the spring in Austin, Texas. This festival, which originally started as the multimedia portion of the SXSW Film Festival in 1994, has since become host to some of the biggest names in tech. SXSW has even helped… read more

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