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7 Ideas for Making Your Company’s Pinterest Page Stand Out

October 23, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

Yay! Pinterest is so much fun! So many pretty pictures… So many yummy-looking recipes…  So many adorable crafts to make… So many gorgeous products to buy… Soooo many…. Whoa! Sorry about that! See how easy it is to get hypnotized into a Pinterest daze? And if you’re not careful, that’s exactly what can happen to you as you set up your company’s Pinterest page. To avoid getting lost in the pretty, you’ve got to think military strike. Go in with a clearly defined strategy, execute, and then get out. Well, okay, maybe you can look around for a while – once you’ve finished what you came there to do. Don’t worry – those darling hand-crocheted baby booties will still be there when you’re done. The key with Pinterest, as it is with every other social media channel you use to promote your business, is to stand out from the crowd…. read more

Holiday Shopping

The 31 Best Online Holiday Marketing Campaigns Ever

October 22, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, most businesses are already thinking about how to convince customers to buy. Of course, with online marketing exerting one of the greatest influences on consumers when it comes to where they shop and what they buy, companies are spending a lot of their time – and money – crafting online campaigns to entice shoppers to their stores. One of the keys to making an online holiday marketing campaign successful is originality – so patterning your company’s campaign after someone else’s amazing idea is usually a mistake. But there’s no harm in taking a look at what others have done in order to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve assembled a list of the 31 best online holiday marketing campaigns from the past few years to help you brainstorm. 1. Target: Of course you remember “The Christmas Champ” – Target’s commercials featuring… read more


7 Tips for Making Your Company’s Facebook Page Stand Out

October 18, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

You spend a lot of time and money making sure that your company’s website is just right, don’t you? The design, the logo, the content…  Everything about it needs to project the spirit of your business, so you want to make sure you get it exactly right. But when it comes to this careful customization of online assets, many businesses stop there. When they set up their social media profiles and pages, they spend much less time and effort on making them something special, as well. They’ll set them up with a picture or two initially, and then post every once in a while. But their social media accounts don’t reflect their companies nearly as well as they could, because of that lack of care and customization. So how can you make sure that your social media pages continue the branding efforts you’ve begun on your website? By crafting them… read more

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day 2013: Human Rights…and Human Responsibilities

October 16, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 2 Comments

In this age of globalization and worldwide online communities, it’s hard to believe that in many corners of the world, things like basic human rights are still at risk. While we here in the first world live surrounded by advanced technology, people in third world countries still struggle to find clean water to drink. Even with the current debate raging over health care in this country, we are still lucky enough to have hospitals that will help those who can’t pay. Many people in developing countries have no way of getting any health care at all, even if they could afford it. To shine the spotlight on this disparity, the people behind Blog Action Day have decided that this year’s global blog topic should be that of human rights. Blog Action Day was founded in 2007. This annual event unites bloggers from all around the world, asking them all to… read more

web analytics

26 Tips for Using Web Analytics to Guide Your Online Marketing Strategy

October 15, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 3 Comments

Having a strategy in place when diving into the world of online marketing is totally, completely, no-questions-asked, abso-tootley posi-lutely essential. Think about it. Without a specific plan to follow, or quantifiable goals to work towards, all the time that you put into blogging, posting on social media, and emailing prospects will be a waste. How can you approach the right people in the right way at the right time, unless you have a plan in place?  And how can you know if your efforts are succeeding, if you have no goals in mind? So, yeah, it’s obvious that you need an online marketing strategy. But naturally, the next question is: Where can I get me one of those? (Sorry – but we are based in Texas, you know…) Well, you could just make one up, based on what you think might work. Or, you could take a good hard look… read more


7 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

October 11, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 1 Comment

So you want to make use of your LinkedIn profile as a part of your company’s overall social media marketing strategy. That’s great! Giving potential clients a glimpse at the real people behind the business helps them to feel a more personal connection with your company. But if all you do is fill out your LinkedIn profile like a bare-bones, text-only, generic online resume, it won’t have the effect you’re looking for. To make full use of this social media channel for marketing purposes, you need to stand out from the crowd, and make your profile something special – or it can actually have the opposite effect, and seem almost de-humanizing! To make sure your LinkedIn profile serves the purpose you intend, here are 7 ways you can stand out from the crowd. 1. Rock your headline. You know that little “professional headline” that shows up right beneath your name?… read more


Creating Content That Converts Is Just Like Dating…No, Really!

October 9, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

You know how awkward that first date can be? Especially when it’s with someone who spends the entire evening talking about themselves, going on and on about how great they are, their amazing accomplishments, and all the incredible things they’ve got going on… Yeah, that’s exactly how people feel when you constantly go on and on about your business in your company’s blog, emails, and social media posts. Seriously. You may not feel like it’s off-putting – after all, you’re just telling the world what you have to offer, right? Don’t you need to get that message across, in order to do business? Well, think about that date again. Would you go on a second date with someone who only talked about themselves, and never asked you to tell them your own story? ‘Nuff said. Sure, you don’t mind your date telling you what they do for a living, what… read more

Email Marketing

13 Essential Email Marketing Tips

October 8, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

“What?! Don’t tell me you’re still focusing any effort on email marketing! It’s 2013, for heaven’s sake! We’ve got much more exciting things, like Twitter and SEO and blogging, to focus our marketing attentions on! Email is a dinosaur, a thing of the past. Your customers have moved on.” …said no internet marketing company ever. That’s right, folks, email is still very much a part of the game. In fact, it should be an important element of any well-thought out internet marketing strategy. Why? Because nothing in the world of online marketing connects with a customer on more intimate terms than email. You’re not posting a general update for all to see on Facebook, or writing a blog for the public to read on your site. Instead, you’re entering an area of cyberspace that belongs to that one customer alone, and initiating a conversation. Email is still the way the… read more

meta tags

Title Tags, Description Meta Tags, and Keywords Meta Tags, Oh My!

October 5, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 1 Comment

Does the mere word “meta” make your blood pressure go up? Does the sight of those little HTML brackets make you want to run away screaming? Are you internet savvy, but not that internet savvy? Never fear, Marketing Zen is here! And we’ve broken down these frighteningly technical-sounding terms into simple explanations that anyone can understand – even your dear Aunt Rhonda who still isn’t sure how to send an email. So grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch with your laptop, and call Aunt Rhonda to come over, because you’re about to discover why title tags and description meta tags are such a big deal – and why keywords mega tags, mercifully, are not. What Are Meta Tags? So first of all, what the heck is a meta tag, exactly? A meta tag is part of the HTML code of any webpage or blog post. The… read more

Online marketing

51 Online Marketing Tactics That Get Results

October 2, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 3 Comments

Here’s the thing, you guys. Every business is different, and the internet marketing strategies that work for one company may not suit the goals of another, and vice versa. (That’s why it can be a real plus to have an experienced online marketing agency on your side, like, say, for example… Marketing Zen!) So, to help out as many businesses as we can in one fell swoop, we’ve compiled this huge, humongous, gigantic list of 51 different online marketing tactics, so that you can wade through them all and pick and choose which ones would do the most good in your particular situation. Again, not every tip will work in every situation, so choose wisely. Take your company’s internet marketing resources into consideration when planning your online marketing activities, so you are only taking on as much as you can reasonably handle. And keep your business goals in plain sight… read more

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