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Google Plus Networking

How to Use Google Plus for Business Networking

August 20, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

Everybody knows that professional networking is a huge part of marketing, right?  Duh! That’s why LinkedIn is such a vital part of any business marketing strategy. Potential clients are attracted to businesses whose owners and employees are accessible online. That sense of transparency is practically a must. They want to feel that they know and can trust the representatives of a company before they do business with them, so they seek them out online first. The company that provides that transparency, or even better, provides thought leadership in professional circles online, will be the one that gets their business.   So it only makes sense that businesses should use every possible tool at their disposal to further their online networking efforts, right? And if using a certain networking tool also happened to help with your Google search rankings, then why the heck would anyone hesitate to use it?   Well, when things are… read more

Pinterest Marketing

On Pins and Needles: How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business Online

August 16, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 1 Comment

Don’t you just love Pinterest? It’s so deliciously addictive – once you get that vital Pinterest invite, you could just spend hours and hours searching through all those gorgeous pictures and creating boards that reflect who you are, and what you love. Well, you’re not the only one who finds it addictive. As of July 2013, Pinterest boasts a cool 70 million users. With that many people pinning images – using their desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones or Android phones – this is an online marketing opportunity no business can afford to miss out on. So how can you best take advantage of the Pinterest phenomenon? By planning and thinking ahead, before you ever post a single image. “What?!” you say. “But it’s so easy! You just slap a few pictures of your products on a board, and voila! You’re on your way!” Not so fast, mon amie. The secret to true… read more

Internship | Marketing Zen

The Marketing Zen Group Is Looking For Fall 2013 Interns!

August 15, 2013 - Posted by Rilee Chastain, No Comments

Have you ever noticed that nearly every entry-level job in the current job market requires you to have plenty of experience before you can apply? That’s because experience is key! While you can learn about digital marketing or writing for the web in a class at college, it’s not until you get out there in the field and put your knowledge to work that you really get a feel for what is really happening in your industry. Often times, some solid experience at a great company within your industry may even be enough to land you your dream job in the future. Therefore, if you are a college student whose graduation date is starting to inch closer and closer, make sure you have the experience and skills necessary for your upcoming job hunt. The Marketing Zen Group, an award-winning digital marketing and PR company based in Dallas, is currently looking for a… read more

Pink Tie

Pink is the New Black, and LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are the New Facebook Ads

August 14, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 1 Comment

You know how LinkedIn has always been totally awesome for networking? For reaching out to others in your industry, giving and receiving advice, and putting your best foot forward in your profile? Well, now it’s just as awesome for targeted advertising. Seriously. And in some marketing situations, it may even be more awesome than using Facebook ads. Here’s the thing. When people get on Facebook, they’re there for fun. They want to catch up with their friends, upload a few pictures, have a few laughs. They’ll interact with business pages if the posts there strike them as interesting or funny, or if there’s a really good deal on offer. And they’ll click on those targeted ads if they really resonate with them. But that’s not the primary reason they’re on Facebook. When people log on to LinkedIn, however, it’s all about business. They are there as businesspeople, interacting with other… read more

King Facebook

EdgeRank is Dead! Long Live EdgeRank! Changes at Facebook

August 13, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

When the king or queen of England dies, the official announcement is made in a way that reassures people of the continuity of the monarchy: “The king is dead! Long live the king!” In other words, “Don’t worry, guys, the old king is dead, but his successor is already in charge – everything’s gonna be okay.” We think a similar announcement should have been made regarding the recent algorithm changes at Facebook. Yes, EdgeRank as we knew it is dead. But don’t panic – the monarchy will go on. EdgeRank’s successor is different and more complex, but not drastically so. The main factors for its News Feed rankings are still the same: Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. What’s different? The addition of the Story Bumping Signal and the Last Actor Signal. Officially, this new algorithm doesn’t even have a name yet – sort of like little Prince George in the… read more

Blog fish

How to Use Your Blog to Rake in Gold(-fish?) (Nah. Just Gold.)

August 9, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

Last night, Derek Halpern of gave an interesting webinar on how to build a successful business blog. Well, he actually called it, “How to Build a Wildly Popular Blog that Generates Leads and Sales 24/7 (Without Killing Yourself).” That’s Derek for you! In his webinar, he focused on the three most common mistakes bloggers make, and how to fix each one. And he really did have some great insights that we thought you might just find useful. So we decided to lay out some of the takeaways from his webinar for you, our loyal Marketing Zen blog readers. You’re welcome! Mistake 1: “Most people have bland brands.” Derek’s Fix: “Hack people’s minds so they remember you no matter what.” How do you describe what you do for a living? Now, how many other people can you think of who do the same thing? Probably quite a few, right? In… read more


Why You Should Pay Attention To ‘That Reddit Website’

August 8, 2013 - Posted by Rilee Chastain, 1 Comment

Why your company should be keeping tabs on ‘The Front Page of the Internet.’ Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to digital trends is one sure way to get ahead in the marketing world. For instance, using popular memes as a fun way to get your message across or being the first to share information about a hot industry trend with your audience are both great ways to engage your customers and build up a great rapport. Unfortunately, being the first one to jump on a trend before it goes viral is very hard. (Almost as hard as trying to think up your own funny image or video in hopes of it going viral.) If only there were a place on the internet that collected genuine, topical content which could be sorted through based on the how worth-while different users thought the content was. Enter Reddit. Reddit’s tagline… read more


Online Marketing via Double-Takes: Whoa, Wait – Is That A…

August 7, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

Admit it. You really only clicked on this post because of those hypnotically huge, eerily orange eyes peering out at you, right? Out of all the updates on your feed, this one stood out, because of that picture. It stopped you right in your tracks, and you thought, okay, any blog post with a picture like that has got to have something interesting in it. Well, you were right! Because today we’re sharing our guide to using double-takes as part of your online marketing strategy! Choosing the right images to accompany your blog posts, Facebook updates, and other social media entries can make all the difference when someone is deciding whether or not to engage with it. A boring, generic picture of nondescript businesspeople standing around smiling is just not going to get you as many clicks as a close-up of a freaky bug, or a photo of a guy… read more

Oscar Buzz

It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated (But We’re Still Dying to Win…AGAIN!)

August 6, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, No Comments

Here is the quick low down: We have been nominated by Empact 100 as cool entrepreneurs. Agree? Please hit this link and click LIKE! That’s all. Oh – and you have our undying gratitude! You know how movie stars who have been nominated for an Oscar get an early morning wake-up call with the good news – at, like, 5 am or something? And then they laugh with Jay Leno about how sleepy they were, or tell David Letterman about how they spit out their coffee when the phone rang… Well, we didn’t have to get up quite so early to find out that we at Marketing Zen have been nominated for the Oscar of the business world – the Empact Showcase! No, we won’t get a little naked golden man to take home – instead, we have the chance to be recognized at the United Nations Headquarters in New… read more

Blog Headache

What the Heck Should I Write About Today? 7 Sources for Awesome Blog Content

August 2, 2013 - Posted by Angela von Weber-Hahnsberg, 3 Comments

Oh, man. How many times have you been confronted with that mysterious condition known as writer’s block? It’s what every writer dreads. Your muse has deserted you. You start having flashbacks to your school days, sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper on essay test day, with nothing to say. You try to write something – anything – but it’s like pulling teeth; the words just won’t come. But you have to write something, and something good – you want to make sure your business blog is updated regularly with fresh, relevant content! So what the heck do you do? Well, here are some sources you can mine for ideas when you’re absolutely stuck. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep these in mind all the time, even when you’re bursting with ideas – it never hurts to have a few back-up topics in mind, or to… read more

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