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December 17, 2007 - Posted by Shama Kabani

By: Shama Hyder


Joe, The CEO: Our marketing needs a boost, but there isn’t a budget to hire a full-time marketing director.

Me: A rock and a hard place?

Joe, The CEO: Yeah. We need a marketing director to help increase profits, but until we make more, we can’t hire one. We definitely need more clients though to make 2008 a better year.

Me: Why not outsource your marketing efforts? It costs a fraction of what hiring a marketing director would cost. And you can get pretty solid results if you find the right firm.

Joe, The CEO: We can do that?

Me: If you like, yes. Many companies choose to outsource their marketing functions.

Joe, The CEO: Awesome! I never considered that as an option. Do you know any companies that do that?

Me: Yes…Us. = )

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