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Is it Time to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

February 28, 2013 - Posted by Amanda Norris

It seems like just yesterday when the goal of a social media marketing campaign was simple: to find a new way to get a client’s message in front of potential customers.  Now, social media is interwoven with the fabric of our daily lives in ways that seemed far-fetched just a few years ago. And marketers have to offer much more than novelty to get and keep customers’ attention. If you haven’t taken a close look at how the digital world has changed in the past few years, it’s definitely time to update your digital marketing strategy.  The reason is simple: what worked last year probably won’t be enough this year. The Four-Screen Generation Moira Davis, Vice President of Marketing at ESPN, describes the four-screen generation this way in an informative video that is part of Google’s “Think with Google” series: “Google research shows that the average consumer spends about 4.4… read more

Lessons in Leadership from Columbia University’s Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

February 27, 2013 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Wadhwa, Hitendra. “Lessons in Leadership: How Lincoln Became America’s Greatest President.” Post written by Paula Gean. What’s the coolest part about working at the Marketing Zen Group? Aside from staying on the cutting edge of web marketing, we get to use that knowledge to work with some of the coolest clients out there. One such client is The Institute for Personal Leadership. In their most recent webinar, The Power of Paradox, Dr. Wadhwa briefly explains how extraordinary leaders unlock their full potential. Both in the digital world and the real world, leadership is essential to society. So, what does good leadership encompass? Who is better in leadership roles: Introverts or extroverts? Extroverts relish social settings, enjoy conversing with strangers, and don’t shirk attention.  Yet, these same desirable traits can also be detrimental.  If someone is always speaking, they’re not listening.  If a person is seeking to be social, they’re… read more

Why You Need More than Content for Great Content Marketing

February 16, 2013 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Let me let you in on a little secret about content marketing: you need more than content to get the results your business needs. Of course, a smart content marketing strategy includes: A great website with content that delivers what customers and prospective customers want An active blog with posts that deliver valuable information that people want to read Social media campaigns with a good ratio of other people’s content vs. your content And, of course, content that isn’t solely focused on your products, and is actually being read or viewed by the target audience. But that isn’t enough to translate content marketing into sales. You also need a way to translate people’s enjoyment of your content into a desire for them to buy. What you need is to put the tried-and-true ACT Methodology into practice to turn your content marketing into a sales magnet. In her best-selling book, The… read more

Facebook Graph Search: It’s About Who You Know

February 7, 2013 - Posted by Amanda Norris

While Facebook Graph Search is in essence a search engine, it’s fundamentally different from the traditional search engines. Google and Bing searches return results based on what the search engine’s “spiders” find when they crawl through a website. Facebook Graph Search, however, is all about who you know, and how you interact with your friends and fans. So if you’ve been applying standard search engine optimization techniques to your Facebook page(s) and profile, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Facebook says that its new Graph Search is all about connecting people with information that other people are already talking about on Facebook. So it’s technically about who knows you and your company – Graph Search makes connections from public pages and friends’ shares.  What does this mean to businesses that use Facebook? It means that your fans have instantly become a referral marketing force for your business –… read more