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Does Yelp’s New Partnership Spell Trouble for Google’s Dominance?

June 27, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

For most of recent tech history, Google has been king. It dominates U.S. search engine market share, with 66% as of January 2012.  Its web browser, Google Chrome, recently overtook the ubiquitous Internet Explorer to take the lead with nearly 33% of the market share, and Google’s Android mobile OS leads all other smartphones. But with recent partnerships with companies such as Apple, Yelp may be on its way to topple Google from its throne – at least as far as local search and SEO are concerned. Since Apple released the iPhone 4S last year, Yelp has been providing much of the content for Siri, the phone’s much-hyped voice recognizing “personal assistant”. Though the local search experience with Siri is imperfect, and Yelp’s branding in the system was kept to a minimum, it seems that Apple and Yelp have bigger plans in the works: namely, teaming up to bring Yelp’s… read more

Content Marketing Strategies For Boring Industries

June 20, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

Some industries seem like they’re perfectly made for content marketing – their products are popular, hip, and easily create passionate, involved fans. Blogs, web copy, email marketing, and other forms of content marketing seem like a natural fit for them. Other industries, well… they can’t necessarily say the same. While they’re important businesses that offer useful products and services, they aren’t exactly what you would call exciting. Does that mean that “boring” industries are doomed when it comes to creating compelling, effective, and exciting content for marketing? Absolutely not. Truly Understand Your Audience Before any company can create effective and interesting content marketing, they have to really know and understand the audience they want to reach. Who are they? What do they do? Why would they want your product or service? Every audience has specific interests, needs and wants – it’s your job to figure out what they are so… read more

Ten Local Business Review Sites Influencing Your New Customers

June 20, 2012 - Posted by Shama Kabani

Every business –restaurants, doctors, law firms, dry cleaners and other brick (click) and mortar businesses – wins and loses new customers every day before the potential customer even sets foot out the door. Their decision to do you business with your company is often made without ever engaging with your company directly. Some customers may even form opinions about your business without ever stepping a foot in your store. This is because online review sites make it easy for potential customers to look up businesses and compare ratings, all without ever leaving their home. And with so many businesses to choose from, being number one on Google is almost never the only deciding credibility or trust factor. When marketing your business these days, you’re dealing with an educated consumer who does their research on review sites and does not really care what you have to say about your business. They… read more

4 Blogging Myths Debunked

June 6, 2012 - Posted by Amanda Norris

By now, most of the business world has recognized the benefits of having a company blog.  Blogs can help bring traffic to your website, promote new ideas and events, and can give your company a human voice that customers can connect with. There is plenty of helpful tips out there, but there are also many misconceptions about blogging. Here are four common myths about blogging, debunked to help guide you on your quest for an effective blog. Myth #1: If You Blog it, They Will Come You’ve set up a blog. You’re filling it with valuable, interesting content. You even put a link to your blog on your website. The readers should come rolling in, right? Not likely. You wouldn’t open a brand new retail store on a side street and rely on foot traffic to support your store; you’d advertise and create marketing promotions. Treat your blog the same… read more