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2010 Online Marketing Grader

November 30, 2010 - Posted by Shama Kabani

Let’s face it, 2010 was not the best year economically speaking. People lost jobs, families lost homes, and businesses tanked. But, in the midst of it all, we got creative. New companies blossomed, innovative marketing techniques came into play, and businesses across the board embraced social media as an efficient way to reach out to consumers. Our own web marketing firm grew 400% this year. Clients we worked with saw huge spikes in traffic, sales, and brand awareness. All in all, this was a good year. Now, it’s time to measure your 2010 efforts! How did this year stack up? And what are your goals for 2011? Here are some key metrics you can use. Feel free to print this post and work through it like a worksheet. Revenue – The most important number to measure. Are your sales going up? Number of Customers – If you sell products, this… read more