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Thanksgiving Recipe for Social Media Marketing Success

November 26, 2008 - Posted by Shama Kabani

By: Shama Hyder While I gather the items to cook a thanksgiving feast tomorrow, I started thinking about how all great dishes require a great recipe. Not unlike marketing. : ) Here is a recipe for Social Media Marketing Success- 1 cup authenticity (no substitutes allowed) 1 liter of transparency (buy the professional brand if you can) 1 pound of open communication (the main ingredient!) 2 cups of solid value adding content (your choice of brand) 1 jar of fresh blog posts (you can setup buy your blog at the local Word Press market). 2 Tablespoons of Courage 3 Tablespoons of Facebook 2 Tabelespoons of Twitter 1 Tablespoon of Linked-In A pinch of good luck Bake 360 days a year for a solid community. Sprinkle with gratitude. Enjoy! ; )

101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter

November 17, 2008 - Posted by Shama Kabani

By: Shama Hyder Use your real name. Save the company bit for the info section. Use a picture that shows your face. Skip the silly goggles, hats, and political stickers. Show me who you are! Create a twitter background that gives people a quick synopsis of who you are. Learn how to create your own here. Share a link to your own blog posts. Find a cool new tool? Share it. My latest find- The Jing Project. Show gratitude. Ask for help. (Anyone know why puppies love peanuts?) Start a discussion! Re-tweet important tweets. Re-tweeting is when you repeat what someone has already twittered. Best example of re-tweeting I saw was when a Portland twitter buddy’s daughter went missing! The twitter board lit up with re-tweets. She was found. Share a pic. Post updates during conference time! Report earthquakes and other natural disasters. Seriously-Twitter is faster than the Associated… read more